Monday, May 30, 2011

Lunch with June

Dearest Mom
I have not seen June for approximately 15 years - we had our first children 4 days apart and have been friends since then. I was taken aback by how emotional I was when I saw her - I could not stop crying............and it was an ugly cry!!!!

Button recommended that we have the wild-boar ragout - which I did not really want to do - but we took her advise and were very pleased we did - it was delicious......

Button chose our dessert for us - the first one we ate before we could take a photo!!!!!!!!!! The second was a double dark chocolate tart - oh my hat!!!!!!!! I was very proud of Button's desserts - her being the dessert chef for the restraurant and all......................

Button was a very little girl when June left to live in Canada, she did not remember her at all......

The wait staff at Acqua Pazza are wonderful - making you feel so special. We were served the most delicious Italian Pinot Grigio wine - my favourite. They behave like this when the coast is clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom and Dad - it was such a special day - seeing June after all these years and Button the chef in such an amazing restaurant. You REALLY need to visit Oz again so we can go there as a family.



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