Thursday, July 31, 2014

A little bit of this and that.....................

Dearest Mom and Dad
So, here's the thing.........................I have not posted much over the last couple of weeks because my life has been filled with frivolous nonsense - lots of catching up with friends over tea, lunch, dinner etc...................... frivolous but lekker!! It's a good thing that I got in some socialising in because I am going to be a busy person again.

You know how I love to teach crazy and it always makes my heart sing when I see my "students" work and how much they enjoyed the whole crazy experience.
Lenore had her completed crazy to show me when I went to teach at Caloundra this week.
Pop onto to see more of her beautiful work.

I went to "A Piece of Cloth" trunk show a few weeks ago and managed to purchase this lovely quilt made in the 1930 -40's all hand stitched.

I do enjoy the combination of fabrics. I will hand quilt this...........sometime.

George has been misbehaving since I came back from Sydney - basically he howls when I am not home. So, I have been trying to exhaust him - this photo of our footprints are an indication of our relationship. He never leaves my side - so much so that I tripped over him when I got back from Sydney and smashed the glass on my ipad - DAMN!!!!

Jane has been visiting her daughter in New Zealand fro a few weeks - I am not the only one missing her. This is her cat sitting in her sewing room window waiting for her home coming!!

As I told you, Button was coming home to go to her friend's baby shower, but due to the filming of the series she is in "lockdown" for the next 6 weeks. Who knew????
Anyway, one of the baby shower gifts was this little hand painted mug from South Africa.

I also managed to find a Bunnykins bowl in an antique shop. I could not resist these hand embroidered socks etc.

Too cute! Very old school, though.

And then I did not have a label to attach to the parcel so I rustled this up - not my best work - that's because Jane was not here!!!

And here is Jess!!

All my love
Ps Expect some more exciting news from us tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sydney and Gareth

Dearest Mom and Dad
Just up the road from Button is a South African restaurant - this is on the front door.

We have never eaten there...........................I've never liked Pap!!

Surry Hills - the lovely old terrace houses.

This cat was HUGE and "seriously vicious" according to Button who has had the misfortune of trying to stroke it.

The food.................

Prepping for the play!

This is still one of my most favourite things I have made.

Button's breakfast one morning............

Heading out to take me to the airport. That's her house in the background.

At a coffee shop.

The wall paper in the toilet at my favourite bookshop/café ...............

............some ads were quite risqué in the day!

This is an odd one!

And I now know how to make a pair of matador pants!!

And now for Dad.....................

I know how he misses watching Gareth play!


Friday, July 18, 2014


Dearest Mom and Dad

I just love these group texts - they make my heart smile!

Button and Leah at the Craft show - fascinated..................

.................interested..................... wonder, there were some beautiful quilts on show.

Nice food at the show too - which is important.

A beautiful day.

Look, I secretly think that I am a photographer!!!!!!!! This bicycle has been standing outside Button apartment for a few months. It created a beautiful image.

You would love Surry Hills.

Overgrown plants and crumbling walls add such character. On the Sunshine Coast there is nothing old and scruffy.

more photos to come.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Dearest Mom and Dad
As you can see, George clearly wanted me to pack him too!! He did not want to move off my bag - do you think he knew I was leaving him???

These photos from Sydney are all out of sequence as this lot were taken from my Ipad.
These delicious Florentines are made at a chocolate shop just a few metres from Button's house - damn !! way too convenient!

I planned to go to the Sydney Craft Show on Sydney - Button and Leah decided to join me "for a while" - they stayed the whole day - absolutely fascinated by every thing!.
"Can do Books", where my book was on display - saw this photo I took on my Instagram and asked permission to use it - they said it was such a "cute" photo.
It was lovely to chat to an Australian company selling my book and was soooooo pleased to hear how many "boxes" of my books they have sold!!

Button was quite devastated by all the "machine made quilts" - her reaction was quite something!! But it is very sad to see how few quilts are hand quilted today!!

I love to shop for Button in Sydney - the op shops and vintage stores are to die for - amongst other things I found this cutest little jumper!!

As you know, Button was in a Indie play in Balmain - oh my gosh, it was quite delightful - a first play written by a new playwright about sisters. I did see some reviewers in the audience - so lets hope they enjoyed it as much as we all did.

The venue was gorgeous too - in one of the oldest hotels in Balmian. This is the "stage" !!

Too warm to light a fire on the night!!

More photos to follow!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A little bit of this and that..........

Dearest Mom and Dad
Sorry for the lack of blog posts - but truth be told, my life has been a bit boring of late.
Here are some photos of Gareth scoring a try!!

In yet another line out!!

and another........................

And another!! Actually, this is a great get!

I am very, very, very excited about this event. Its a trunk show where we can purchase vintage and antique fabrics, quilts etc.  I have tried a few times to buy some blocks from her on line but have always just missed them. Oh happy days, I will see them in the flesh!!

With some time of this week I tidied up my sewing room - just a bit!!

I am planning to make a quilt for Button using vintage sheets - I have collected quite a lot over the years - I now know what I what to do with them. Another, happy day!!

Its been a bit chilly here at night!! But the temperature of the sea is still wonderful to swim in.

Debs and Jane had a birthday - perfect excuse to go out for dinner.

We went to my favourite restaurant on the Coast - Ba Vigo ...............

Button used to work there years ago - here is a plate of stuffed artichoke hearts - delish!!

Vaughn and I ended the week with a picnic at the Mooloolaba Spit!!