Monday, December 27, 2010

How to survive cabin fever................

Dearest Mom

We are going slightly mad - is this rain EVER going to stop?? We all have different ways of keeping busy........
Button cooks...........

Nat moves my quilting off the table and starts a puzzle.......

Vaughn and George watch the Poms SMASH the Aussies - oh dear....... (maybe he should straighten the painting behind him)

Gareth tries to find a chair big enough to do some searching on the computer.......

Gem Squash does what she normally does......

And so do I.......................

I shouldn't winge - there are lots of people in Queensland who have been isolated by these rains......



Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oh, to be young again.........................

Dearest Mom
.................the young and beautiful.....

Button and Nat......

Button and James........

Gareth and Nat - the tall people........

James, Button, Gareth and Nat .......



Thursday, December 23, 2010

Missing you.....................

Dearest Mom and Dad,
I looked at our Christmas tree - as always decorated by Vaughn - and realised that so many of my decorations I have had for years. They represent many Christmas's spent at our home in Uhmhlanga. I miss those days..........and the family that shared them with us............
This very, very, very scary angel, made by Button in pre-school, has graced the top of our tree for nearly 18 years.



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gareth is home........................

Dearest Mom

Gareth is home after his two week holiday in New Zealand. It is so nice having both my children under one roof - not for long, though! He enjoyed his holiday but came home with the flu.

Jane, Cathy, Margret and I went out for dinner the other night - to an African themed restaurant. Delish steak and an interesting salad - watermelon, fetta, rocket and lime..........

Margret had a belated birthday present for me.

The sweetest little jug - and yes, I know that you want this one - she said that she found it at the tip!!!!!! Margret always finds the nicest things at HER tip.

The second part of my gift was this apron - clever way of recycling doilies..................

Thanks Margret!



Thursday, December 16, 2010

A HUGE storm and "Completion Phobia"..............

Dearest Mom
Oh my gosh, that storm was big. I must admit, I was scared. I phoned Vaughn, I don't know what I thought he could do - he was hundreds of kilometers away. He did make me feel better though.

A certain friend of mine was told the other day that she suffers from a syndrome called "Completion Phobia". I think it is a term used for a quilter who never finishes anything. To be fair to this certain friend she does actually complete SOME projects. She did make this beautiful bag for me for my birthday. In fact, after looking at the amount of work that went into this bag, I would not have started it in the first place!!!!

It got me thinking about my unfinished quilts.... I do have a few of them. Here goes.......
A whole pile of crazy.........
The Kaffe quilt....... needs to be quilted.
Our joint effort - I can't wait to quilt this - it's too hot at the moment to hand quilt.
My half inch hexagon quilt - I have enjoyed making this ......nearly done....

A Baltimore quilt started about 15 years ago in South Africa with Di Sturgess - I don't think I will ever complete this one - it, unfortunately, has been stored for so long that it has rust marks on it.

A jelly roll quilt - made a few years ago - not my favourite (I dont really like fast quilts) - but I wanted to make a quilt with a jelly roll...hmmmmm. Needs to be quilted - I think I will give it to Danu for their baby which is due next year.

This is a round robin quilt that we did with the Buderim group -
I think I will battle to get this done too. Pretty though, the girls put a lot of work into it. You might not know what a round robin is - a quick explanation - you start off with a row of your own choice of design and fabric which you sew yourself - then it gets passed round among a number of woman - and they sew a row according to a set of rules. It's your job them to put it together. I started my round robin off with the row of tea pots.

I bought this fabric from Matarial Obssession a few year ago...........

And last but by no means least - I made about 800 suffolk puffs !!!!! All I have to do now is to stitch them together - help me, help me!!!

Talking about needing help - the Aussie cricket team were 5 for 89 (or something like that) on the first day of the 3rd Ashes test - goodness......



Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lovely people and delicious food....

Dearest Mom

One of the sewing groups that I meet with once a month - well, supposedly, I very seldom manage to get there - had our Christmas dinner last night. It was decided that we would all "bring a plate". Now, that is a very Aussie saying and, in fact when I first immigrated to Australia I genuinely thought that is what I had to bring - a plate with nothing on it!!!
It was my duty to provide the dessert - needless to say - once again - I did not contribute because Jane very kindly offered to do it for me. Hmmmmm, Pam was not very impressed!!! (only joking!!)

I have known these very lovely people for many years now - in fact I met them in the first year
of immigrating. They have been very kind to put up with me for all these years........................

Thanks girls.

We were also very fortunate to catch a glimpse of some of Jane's quilts - she is a bit of secret sewer!!

This is one of my favourites - nearly finished, Jane!!!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

The week that was......................

Dearest Mom
I have posted this week's events - going backward from Saturday.

Vaughn's home for the weekend - it's so good having him home.

Friday - went to the airport with Button to fetch James - back from Japan.

Thursday - Vaughn arrived home a day early!!!!

Wednesday - the big tidy up and the carpets cleaned - about time!!!!!

Tuesday - Australia were beaten by England by a whole innings - last time that happened was 25 years ago! Oh dear!!

Monday - off to the airport - in pouring rain AGAIN - this time to take Gareth and Nat (the tall people) -they are having a two week holiday in New Zealand. My grocery bill will be slashed in half with Gareth not in house!!
Sunday - off to the airport - still raining - James is going to Japan

Saturday - raining - Crazy Christmas party at the Patchwork Angel. I was fortunate to see Pamela Jones' stunning Morrell quilt. Pamela does such outstanding work and I hear that she is a very good teacher. Fiona machine quilted the quilt with the baptist fan design - very traditional and complimented the quilt beautifully.
I had to make do with some old fotographs as Santa is giving me a camera for Christmas and my family INSISTS I wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. Wow, lot's of people coming and going in my house at the moment - no wonder I feel exhausted and confused!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don't faint but.....................

Dearest Mom
It didn't rain today - I nearly fainted - AND I was FORCED (the carpets were cleaned) to tidy my sewing room - which might make you want to faint!!!!!!!!!!!
So, my sewing machine before............... (can you spot Charlotte next to the sewing machine?)

My sewing machine after.

My cutting table before............................

My cutting table after.............

My crazy desk before...........(one wonders how I get anything done here)

My crazy desk after.................

I will be honest with you - I MUCH prefer it all messy.
Hope you got your Christmas overlays sorted.
PS Thanks Jane for the fotos - AGAIN.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The last of the Crazy photos.......

Dearest Mom,
It's STILL raining!!!!

Sandra's blocks - she bought these as a block of the month - the pictures are copies of old McCalls patterns - well, I think that is what Sandra said!!

Valerie - aren't her colours gorgeous?

Linley's block are interesting - black and white fabrics - each sqaure has different colour embroidery. I need to get a close up of her work to show you. Don't you just love the way Ellanor is "studying' Linley's work??

Sandra -aka the slow starter !! The beading queen!!

Rosemary - made this double wedding ring quilt with crazy centres as a weddiing gift. She uses "family" fabrics ie. clothes and furniture fabrics from years ago. In one of her projects she has a piece of her lounge suite from South Africa - YEARS ago.

Marie - she is a magpie of note - collects anything and everything. Has the most amazing collection of buttons, braids, fabrics etc mostly from Op shops. Lots of interesting objects appear in her crazy - old shoe buckles, hair clips - quite wonderful, really.

There are a few girls work that we did not get fotos of. I apologise for that.
To all the Crazy girls - Thank You for a wonderful year. Such a pleasure being your teacher. It's been a tough year for me - thank you for your understanding.
Also, last thank you, for my lovely, thoughtful gifts.
Let's get ready for our exhibition in March!!!!!