Thursday, August 30, 2012

Button and the week that was...................

 Dearest Mom and Dad
I had a lovely week this week - I couldn't wait for it to end so that I could pick Button up. Gareth arrives on Saturday.

Bev showed me her gorgeous scrappy blanket - I just love it !!!  Bev likes to make scrap quilts like me - I think you should make one for Nunu...................just suggesting!!!

 As always, Crazy at the Patchwork Angel was a fun day - we made these cute pincushions!!!!
 It was a pincushion week - Lyn from the Calondra group had this pincushion amongst her goodies ........

 This is my new pincushion - it's a long story.................

 ..............needless to say I "offered" Jane the little Peter Rabbit one - I think she got the best one ..................dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Although, I do like my girl one................

I baked for Button...................

And then she was HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, August 27, 2012

It's all just so excting.........

Dearest Mom and Dad
I have a lot to be excited about at the moment!!! Firstly, we will have both Gareth and Button home for the weekend - OH HAPPY DAYS!!!
Secondly, Button's wonderful news!!!
Thirdly - the first draft has left the building!!!!!!
Honestly, I could not have done this without Vaughn - he has been AMAZING!! This weekend was a little "scratchy" - to say the least - but he is really very tired.
Here he is doing the illustrations .......

 I managed to make up this bag - I am happy with it - it's bigger than it looks in the photo.............

 Remember this little wooden tray you gave me, Mom???

 Look, what I found .....................I had no idea that it has been around since 1891!!!!

 Now, I don't know why, but I joined this "inch by inch quilt" group - yup, as if I don't have enough to do..........but I love to mindlessly hand stitch these little 1" squares while watching TV at night........

 We send each other fabrics - which is also a bit ridiculous because we all have so much as it is - I got Tish to come in to cut the fabrics for me .......................

So that's my news!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I can breathe ...again

Dearest Mom and Dad
Well, I feel as though I can breathe again - both figuratively and literally!!
Vaughn and I survived the flu and I think I can see the end of the tunnel - book wise. These are the two crazies that I was telling you about - at the framers as we speak!!!!!!!

 Jane has been sooooo good to me - during the dreaded flu and the book ordeal!!! She popped in the other day with these flowers - she also fed us when we were sick!!!!!!

This is my little bird pincushion - I cannot wait to get my girl golly one - I told you I found the woman who was selling it, didn't I? I tracked her down!!!!!

 I went op shopping the other day - found the strangest ashtray - with this little bird on it!!!! Odd, odd, odd
 - but needless to say I could leave the shop without it. Nice little glass tray thingy too............

Close up of the bird - Button says that it looks stoned!!!!
I cant wait to see Button - she will be home for FIVE days next week !!!!!!!!! I think Gareth will be coming home as well. I baked some biscuits and bought some biltong and other South African treats for him - cost me a fortune to post!!!!

No more news, Mom
It feels as though it's been ages since I last blogged!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh, South Africa

Dearest Mom and Dad
The images that I have seen on tv have broken my heart. Brings back memories of the horrible 80's.
On a lighter note, Vaughn and I are back in the land of the living. I will get back to blogging soon.

Monday, August 6, 2012

A very quiet weekend

Dearest Mom and Dad
Vaughn was so sick this weekend with the dreadful flu. So we had a quiet weekend. A nice breakfast in the sun, I knitted some dishcloths - I used bamboo yarn this time - no white unfortunately. I will send some to you. I included a photo of the Unit playing rugby - looks like he is a scrum half !!!
Thanks sooooo much for the beadwork, Mom. They are perfect.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The two Debbies' beautiful quilts....

Dearest Mom and Dad
Crazy on Tuesday at the Patchwork Angel was another lovely day. Debbie C and Deb B bought their quilts to show us.
I popped a photo in of Cheryl - showing us her new storage idea!
As usual Debbie baked - delicious orange and date muffins. I will send you the recipe when she gives it to us. Enjoy the quilts.