Saturday, December 17, 2016

more photos

more photos...................

Dearest Mom and Dad

As you know, I love working with men's suiting (all bought from opshops) on this projects I have kept the pocket intact.

Chloe sends me the best photos - Gareth and Gus enjoying the river.

Gus's face when Chloe leaves for work.

Bonbon doing her thing.

Vaughn's upgrade to the garden (front door)

This the where that huge flower bed was - it was so untidy etc - its now GONE!

Bonbon with something in her mouth.

I told you about the breast cancer fundraiser I went to in Yandina - I told you know one was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The "stage"

The ladies toilet!

What with Vaughn's building etc, we have eat surrounded by tools etc.

I have read so many good books recently.

I am sooooooo enjoying my bike - I have reached rides of 30KM. There are so many bike "paths" in our area.

Vaughn and Bonbon cooling off. Doesn't Vaughn look good?

Christmas dinner with the "garage girls"

Another "great" book - get this one, Mom.

Button arrives tomorrow!! Oh happy days!
All my love

Sunday, November 20, 2016

A post, at long last

Dearest Mom and Dad
I am counting down the days until December - when Gareth, Chloe, Button and Gus will be here. Gus will get to frolic in the sea.

I am busy making stuff.

On my birthday - the garage people celebrated..............

delicious cake, bubbles ..................

...................and home grown flowers.

Not a very flattering photo of the Bon after a swim.

Vaughn on my birthday - having lunch.

Gareth and Chloe in their little home.

Lee's beautiful flowers - can you believe that they are all from her garden??

Georgie - he will be 15 in April next year.

I will send you some photos of the garden and stuff that Vaughn has been working on.
All my love

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Back to reality

Dearest Mom and Dad
Even though I was not the one on holiday in South Africa, I am feeling the post holiday blues.

Vaughn came home relaxed and happy after babysitting Gus.

The walk behind our house is looking so pretty.

The tomato bush that I grew from discarded tomatoes is HUGE - and the first yield was over 2kg!!

So, I decided to make some passata............


We had your painting framed. It looks soooo good. Jane and Vaughn believe that one is not enough. So, get going, Mom.

Captured this image in Maleny during a break between classes.

Gareth has a degree. Woooohooooo!

Charlotte has eventually settled down with Bonbon.

Vaughn redid the gardens at the front door.

And cleared the massive bed in front of the house. Looks really good.

This little lady was given to me by Wendy Lange when we left South Africa. It has been hanging at our front door ever since we moved in. She is looking good for nearly 15 years in the sun.

The giraffe Gareth and Chloe bought for me in SA.

I bought a stash of vintage fabrics the other day. I love the limy Sanderson linen one.

And the very, very sweet little sewing basket.

All my love
Jenny C

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bread, food and a colonoscopy

Dearest Mom and Dad
All packed and ready for my workshop........................ I haven't participated in one in years.

I was a little unprepared as I had no time to source the large variety of fabric necessary for the workshop. However, I took along what I had. At the end of the day, I was happy with the result. I mixed Civil War Reproduction fabric with African style of fabric.

It does look way better in real life. I managed to get the top almost done - as you can see it needs circles appliqued in the centre of the blocks.

Vaughn made  mushroom gnocchi for dinner.

Very delish - if a little too creamy for my cholesterol.

I had the beach to myself the other day..............

Gareth and Chloe off to the awards dinner.

He sort of had an accident with the razor while trimming his beard - so it all had to go!!

Vaughn and I spent the morning at Eumundi markets.

Gareth's quite the cook - what a feast - note your leeks on the right.

Gravy nogal!

All done - please note the placemats I made form ShweShwe fabric

How sweet is this message from Chloe about Gareth. I love the way she sends photos.
And he makes bread.

I mean really??

Your bag is nearly done.

I sit in the sun and embroider it - missing you as I stitch.

I love it, I hope you do too.

I am also making progress with the crochet rug. Bon seems to approve.

Another colonoscopy done and dusted - until next year - damn!

All my love
Ps. I have asked Button to send some photos - hopefully she does so I can share them here for you.