Bread, food and a colonoscopy

Dearest Mom and Dad
All packed and ready for my workshop........................ I haven't participated in one in years.

I was a little unprepared as I had no time to source the large variety of fabric necessary for the workshop. However, I took along what I had. At the end of the day, I was happy with the result. I mixed Civil War Reproduction fabric with African style of fabric.

It does look way better in real life. I managed to get the top almost done - as you can see it needs circles appliqued in the centre of the blocks.

Vaughn made  mushroom gnocchi for dinner.

Very delish - if a little too creamy for my cholesterol.

I had the beach to myself the other day..............

Gareth and Chloe off to the awards dinner.

He sort of had an accident with the razor while trimming his beard - so it all had to go!!

Vaughn and I spent the morning at Eumundi markets.

Gareth's quite the cook - what a feast - note your leeks on the right.

Gravy nogal!

All done - please note the placemats I made form ShweShwe fabric

How sweet is this message from Chloe about Gareth. I love the way she sends photos.
And he makes bread.

I mean really??

Your bag is nearly done.

I sit in the sun and embroider it - missing you as I stitch.

I love it, I hope you do too.

I am also making progress with the crochet rug. Bon seems to approve.

Another colonoscopy done and dusted - until next year - damn!

All my love
Ps. I have asked Button to send some photos - hopefully she does so I can share them here for you.


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