Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A mountain and a roadtrip........................

Dearest Mom and Dad
I headed off to Dalby again to teach - this time I taught at an old church................

Quite beautiful - build in the 30's as  you can see by the design - I love anything from the thirties...........

Some of my stuff!!

Cute school...........

On Saturday night I was taken out to a dinner/musical............

Put on by the local high school - I have no more to say on this subject.

And, while I was cold but dry, Gareth played rugby in a flood.

This line-out was obviously in the first few minutes of the game.

Oh my gosh, Gareth looks just like he used to when he was a toddler in this photo - minus the beard, of course!

Not only was it wet, I believe it was FREEZING too. The newlyweds. I LOVE this photo.

How can he still be so cheerful ???

Birthday boy receiving gifts from the Chloe's family - one of the gifts was a wheel barrow! They know him well.

Driving home from Dalby...........

Flat, flat, flat.............

Did I mention that it is flat?

I found this clamshell quilt I started a few years back? Its just a little lap quilt. Do you want it? I will ask Gareth to put it in his luggage for you. Just let me know.

On Sunday I did a 24km rough terrain hike............
Let me just say............... was beautiful................the intrepid hikers having a break.............

BUT it was tough.............

very tough - we climbed this high.
Surprisingly enough, I was not stiff. I did have sore big toes but that's all.

Bonnie kept warm and snuggly - she takes this bear everywhere - on walks, to the beach, everywhere.

George, unfortunately, had more teeth removed.

All my love Jenny

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Gorgeous Gareth turns 30 - kan jy dit glooi?

Dearest Mom and Dad
I packed up some stitching to keep me busy (and calm) on the plane.

Gus looks good on the bed cover thingy I made - crochet, this time.

The weather was chilly but clear.

On the way to Gareth and Chloe's house.


A walk at the river - Gus's happy place.


A wombat burrow - they are huge.

Gus was not all that keen to swim - Gareth was not in the water.

The five of us - Chloe was the photographer.

Chloe and I bought these to chomp on at the rugby game - to keep us warm, was my excuse!

All rugged up!

Captain, my captain.

Speech time.

Chatting away - I love this person.

Gareth and Chloe.

The party table.

Gareth wanted simple food for his birthday - food from his childhood - this is the vegetarian's version - mushrooms instead of lamb. Note: your leeks in the foreground, Mom.

My carrot cake recipe for his birthday cake.

Button whipped up a "self-saucing chocolate pudding" like Pearl used to make.

Gus. He has he most beautiful eyes.

The Vikings rugby club - pretty impressive. This is not my photograph - I stole it from their facebook page.

And another.

And that was that. the weekend went in a flash.
All my love