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More birthdays, large beanies and stuff................

Dearest Mom and Dad
I read quite a few books when I was down and out with whatever I had. This book was sad, but so well written.

I sent Finn two beanies in the post - however, I think I might have got the size wrong!!!!!

It was Jane and Deb's birthday in the garage the other night - yup, more celebrations. Jane arrived wearing a mask (as a joke) as she was leaving for Amsterdam and did not want to catch the flu. 

Deb's delicious platter..............

Lee made a strawberry cake...................

And Sue made the healthy stuff - no gluten, no sugar, no flavour, taste awful - for those in the group who eat that kind of food. The strawberry tablecloth is one I bought in Mauritius so many years ago.

Stitching on my little patio.

I LOVE this photo that Chloe took of a very sick Finn and Gus.

I taught a class a few weeks back and one student had this ancient Bernina - I wanted it!

Penny and I at the Peachester Quilt show.

Another good read.

Vaughn, Bon and Tju

Till next time.
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