Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Its a boy!

Dearest Mom and Dad

Little Finn! Beautiful baby.

After we heard the news that Chloe and Gareth had arrived at the hospital, I was on the next flight to Sydney and Button and I drove to Canberra.

To meet Finn, who was just a few hours old.

Button was smitten.

Really smitten.

We all spent our time just gazing at him. Chloe was so generous with her new baby. We all got to hold him for ages.

I mean really, just a few hours old.

All squashed up.

So calm.

3.8kg's of Finn.

VERY long feet and hands.

Gareth is very comfortable with the nappy changing.

I am a grandmother !!!!!

Chloe did not want to be in this photo!!! I don't know why, she looked amazing after just giving birth.

You would love him, Mom.
And the next morning Button and I went to brekkie. It was soooooo cold in Canberra.

More photos to come.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Thank goodnes .......................

Dearest Mom and Dad
Thank goodness that horrendous run of ill health is over.  I have spent the last few months sewing stuff for the baby.

One of my favourite things is this little toy bag. Pearl made the giraffe for me - but I thought it would be lovely for the baby to have something made by Pearl. The Winnie the Pooh I made years ago. The other little bear (that looks very dark in this photo) is made from men's suiting. Sorry, but I did not take photos of the other stuff I made.

I have read some good books lately. Alec Baldwin's memoir was fascinating. And "Mothering Sunday" was beautiful. Well worth the read.

Sue (one of the garage girls) had another grandchild - I suggested that we make a little bear - so we each embroidered a limb. CUTE!

We went for lunch after teaching in Maleny - such a lovely place to eat..........

In the garden

Sue and Linda _ I have no idea why Sue looks so serious!!

I am recycling this little opshop bought tablecloth into a little cot quilt with a few applique flowers. I will then hand quilt it.

Vaughn made his first chocolate cake - your famous recipe - it was delish!

A piece of my embroidery.

I went on a hike a few weekends back.

Climbed quite high............

The intrepid hikers.

Gareth's view from behind where he lives - Gus having a swim.

I know you saw this photo on Facebook - but I LOVE it. Hard to believe that Chloe is 8 months pregnant. Weather in Canberra!!

Weather on the Sunshine Coast - George still going strong!!!!

Another beautiful day.

All my love

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The count down is on.......................

Dearest Mom and Dad
So, in just under a month the baby will be born - its too darn exciting!

I found this very ugly little sewing basket at an op-shop the other day - and could not resist taking it home.

I finished this quilt for the little exhibition in Noosa.

Button had a great time in Melbourne - the screening of the web series she was in.


Ella and Lyla ( the little girls from next door) came over to "make stuff". We made a sock dog. Their Mom sent over a glass of champagne and chocolate brownies!

Margret made this quilt .................. stunning isn't it?

She said that I inspired her. So Lovely!

Its really a very striking quilt.

I did another trunkshow - this time in Peachester - a cute country town.

Vaughn took this photo of Bon and Tju watching me swim in the sea over the weekend.

Chloe sent me this photo the other night and asked the question - "what's wrong, should I double the string"...........

I said yes, and there she was knitting away.

Can you believe that Gareth with be a DAD soon?

All my love

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Oh my gosh!

Dearest Mom and Dad
I cannot believe that I last posted when I was in Canberra - that's ages ago.
How funny is this photo of Button at Chloe's baby shower???

You need to read this book, its a small book, but WOW

Vaughn at Point Cartwright

Button was here for 12 days!!!

Point Cartwright and Button.

A selfie..........

Bon and Tju

Jane and Deb's 60th birthday cake

Something for everyone!!

In the garage - we love the garage!

the food!

Button and Tju

Button loves Tju

Vaughn and the girls

Morning walk

 morning walk

Naidoc week - I went to a dot painting demonstration - I had a fascinating morning!

Oh my hat, this is how Letitia stores her hexagons - I mean really???

I keep mine in jars - all tumbled in.

Till next time.
all my love