Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another lovely day spent with my parents

Dear Vaughn, Gareth and Ainslie (and friends)
We headed off to Leopard Rock for the day. On the way we stopped off at Port Shepstone and I discovered a shop that had TONNES of Shweshwe fabric - oh my hat - so so lovely - double sided as well!!!
Lots to see along the way.....................

Leopard Rock was as spectacular as ever......................

I even got to see a cattle dog here - he stopped to have a swim in the river!!!
My time with my parents is nearly over.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Waffles - at long last

Dear Vaughn, Gareth and Ainslie (and friends)
Normally I would be at the Waffle House within a few days of arriving in South Africa - for some reason it was well over a week before we enjoyed the famous waffles.
As most of you know, my family have been going to the Waffle house for well over 53 years now.
All sorts of waffles are sold there now - but my favorite one is still maple syrup and ice cream.

Another reason I like going there is that I am always guaranteed to find some Zulu bead work - but I was so sad to see that there is very little traditional artwork sold on the beaches anymore.

If my bag was big enough I would have bought one of these mats made from lolly wrappers.

On the way home we stopped off at the shops and my Dad bumped into one of his friends - Dad is now 197cm and his friend about 157cm !!!! I loved the way they both posed for the photo...................


Things to do in Africa!!!

Dear Vaughn, Gareth and Ainslie ( and friends)
Off we went on a "Sports and Specials car run" on Sunday morning. Some people have to remove their steering wheels to get into their cars!!

Luckily for us, Mom and Dad have a nifty new sports car!

There was a lot of looking at each other's engines!!!!!!

.............. a breakfast to enjoy................

....and some curious onlookers.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Things on my mind.............

Dearest Mom and Dad
I am trying to keep busy with so many things going on in my head. I have been working on a black crazy for a while now and it is gathering momentum.............

Charlotte loves boxes - she sleeps in them and chews them!!!  The box on the right lasted from Christmas - she now has a new one!!! I wonder why she chews them????

The weather has settled so it was a picnic dinner at Mooloolaba with George and Gem

These waves were brown a few days ago.....

Little Ella, from next door, started school this week - shame, she was very nervous.  I felt very privileged because I featured on the cover of her "busy book".

It was a photo of her and I at her Princess party - don't you just love the heart sticker between us????
See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!