Friday, May 29, 2015

Canberra - part one

Dearest Mom and Dad

So after George was dropped off at the dog sitter,  Charlotte was left for Jane to feed and my medication was taken we were off!!!!!!

We landed in a chilly and very neat and tidy Canberra airport.

Gorgeous Gareth was at the airport to pick us up - a little anxious for time as he had to be somewhere for an interview with the local tv.

After all that, we went for lunch and a walk ..........


I think I missed all the leaves changing colours.

A pity because Canberra's trees do put on quite a show.

Just a few about.

Button arrived and we headed off of breakfast....

You will be wondering by now why Chloe is not featured in any of the photos - she is very busy doing reports - ah, the life of a teacher.

My breakfast - crispy polenta, mushrooms and garlic tomatoes.

It is the most delightful cafe.

Then we headed off to see some wildlife - but, unfortunately, lots of it was roadkill. Three wombats and four wallabies. We did manage to see some emus and wallabies (live this time) but from very far away.

We rugged up and headed off to watch the Brumbies v Bulls.

We made most of the masks handed out at the entrance.

Did I say it was cold????

Vaughn and I made this double flannel quilt/picnic rug for Chloe and Gareth before we left - Button highjacked it.

More photos to follow.
Wish you were here.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

And we're off to freezing Canberra............

Dearest Mom and Dad
I have been knitting and quilting furiously. I basically knitted a sweater for Gareth and then decided it was way too big and unpicked it and started again!!

Button's jumper was a winner!!

Vaughn, as you know went to visit Button in Sydney and then they went to watch Gareth play his first game of rugby after his knee surgery..
They stayed in a motel - it looked very nice.

They seemed to have had a lot of fun................

As you know it gets a bit chilly in Canberra.............

Gareth's knee was good...............................

Button obviously felt the cold - in fact, I heard she was a bit miserable about it all.

We have had the odd nippy night here - soup time!!!

I actually won something!!!!

A bunch of Liberty fabric!!!

And I was in the Inspirations magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kan jy dit glooi.

I will take some photos of our time together in Canberra celebrating Vaughn's 60th!!!

All my love

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

.....................quilts, a show and its your birthday!!!!

Dearest Mom and Dad


So, yes, I did get Button's quilt done in time. Just basic straight line quilting but it suited the quilt, I think.

I quickly whipped up some fun pillow cases too. Just in time for Vaughn to take them with him.

I washed this quilt the other day - and it just confirmed how beautiful hand quilted quilts are. Granted, this is an old quilt but still, the textures....

Even straight line quilting is lovely.

I was asked to show some crazy quilts at the Quota quilt show in Maleny.

So while Jane was manning the tale I popped outside to practice my photography..........

I do like this one - but I still think that my lens is not suitable.

Thank goodness I saw Helen at the show because she gladly "offered" to help me display the quilts. I did not manage to get any completed work by my students so I filled it up with my work, some antique and vintage quilts that I have bought and unfinished crazy by the lovely ladies from the "Fat quarters" group in Maleny.

I asked Jane if she would join me with some of her fussy cut English paper piecing to add to my work. Unfortunately, I have deleted the photos I took of her work when I emailed them to her. But isn't her work glorious??

My crazy quilt and book on display.

Some of my hand quilting.

My half inch hexie quilt.

My antique crazy quilt.

My 1950's crazy quilt.

I will get Jane to email the photos of her work and include them in the next blog post.
all my love

Monday, May 4, 2015

A pain in the neck..........................

Dearest Mom and Dad
Another walk in the area behind our house with Vaughn and George..............

I am still working hard at mastering the camera - so the walk has ample opportunities to capture a little bit of this and that.

..........................some "shrooms".................


Vaughn pointing out our house................

I managed to persuade Vaughn to take a little holiday to Sydney and "you know where" - so I decided to really push myself to get the quilt finished for him to take with him for Button. Needless to say, I did get it finished but gave myself a pain in the neck !!!!!
I was asked to have a stand again at the Maleny Quota quilt show this weekend. I did not manage to get a lot of crazy to show - so I had to use some of my older quilts as table cloths. With the wet weather we have had, this quilt smelt awful after being closed up in the cupboard. I just love a hand quilted quilt - and you really see the texture it creates after it is freshly laundered. This quilt is now about 24 years old. Where have the years gone???

This is the quilt I started a few years ago and finished for Button yesterday. Even just a little bit of hand quilting adds texture. It is such a pity that so many quilts are machine quilted now a days.

More photos to come of the quilt show.