Tuesday, September 30, 2014

food, food and more food......................

Dearest Mom and Dad
So basically, we spend all our time eating.


We made these lemon potatoes to have with our snapper - it looks boring but they were good.

Roast beetroot, goats, milk cheese and walnut salad.

Market shopping.

My veggie garden being planted - Gareth cant bend down so Vaughn did all the work.

Dad, this bread soooo good - from the markets.

Roasted brussel sprouts, chillie and parmesan.

Gareth lying down - too much food. Food coma...........

Father and son.

He couldn't help himself.

Roasted sweet potatoes, fetta, lentils etc etc.

Bortolli beans with zucchini and tomato.

Gareth's plate.

I think I will gain 10 kilos this week.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Woohoo, Gareth's home

Dearest Mom and Dad
So, I got busy in the kitchen baking for Gareth's homecoming.
Chloe you must try this recipe - its easy and Gareth likes it too.

Sue's wheetbix slice:

Cream 1 cup of sugar and 115 of butter.
Add 1 tblsp of syrup and 1 tsp of vanilla essence
Add one egg - mix well.
Add 1 cup of shredded coconut - mix well.
Add 4 crushed wheetbix - mix well.
Add 1 cup sifted flour and 1 tsp baking powder. Mix
add 1 cup cranberries ( or currants or chopped dried apricots etc) Mix well.
Line a 26cm x 32cm baking dish with baking paper and lightly press mixture into it.
Bake at 150 for about 20 until golden - do not over cook.

Its delish!!!
Mom, Dad will like too.

And a batch of choc chip cookies.

yes, he is home for about TEN DAYS!!!!!!

Our first meal was delish too........

Roasted cauliflower, chickpeas, chillies and roasted fetta, almonds and croquets - really good.

Watching all the rugby I have taped for him.

Happy George.

Doing his rehab on his knee.

Claratyne - a must for Gareth when he comes home - Charlotte gives him the worst hay fever!!

We are missing Button but she has landed two more adds so can't make it this week - sad face!
More photos to follow.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

No news, really

Dearest Mom and Dad
So, the contract is signed and we are under the pump!
Jane and I made this "little" pincushion for Letitia's birthday - I loved it and did not really want to part with it. Letitia loved it too ...........

I ordered some beautiful wool from Mary Flanagan http://www.mfwoolens.com/ for the new project - gorgeous.... I would love to buy the whole range...........

Jane and I headed off to a "fabricabrac" on Saturday - and I did very well indeed. Normally, I do not really find much for what I do and like - but, I was in my element!

Gareth and Button will be home this weekend , and Gareth informed me that he wants to plant a vegetable garden. Little does he know that I can only grow plants that live without care...................

This was beautiful - a succulent flower - and then it rained and it looked like this.

You know what makes me sad??? The fact that I am getting old and you are not here to see it - my hands are old and my hair is going grey.....................

So this is what my life looks like now - work, work, work...............

A reviewer is STILL talking about Button's play that she put on last year - she is wanting to put on another play this year. She has landed another ad this week which is good because filming for the  Chanel 7 show is now finished.

Another author of crazy quilting books sent me this photo of my book at a quilt show in New York. She is teaching there at the moment.

How stunning is my favourite beach?

I am missing you a lot at the moment.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

All quiet...................

Dearest Mom and Dad
As you know my life is just work work work at the moment................
Poor Vaughn has to sit in front of the computer when he gets home over the weekend - when he should really be doing nothing - we do still make sure we get to the beach.

I made this delicious vegetable soup the other night the ingredients included chilli
pesto - which added a little bite.

The "girls" came over for dinner.................

Lee had recently come back from a fantastic holiday in the UK - she went with a gardening group, visiting famous gardens and homes - she loved it.

Lee was on dessert duty - she made a gorgeous Eaton's Mess!

I said to Debs maybe you should bring a "small" fruit platter - yeah right!

I found this photo of Gareth and Chloe at the prize giving dinner.

Anyway, back to the grindstone for me.