Sunday, September 21, 2014

No news, really

Dearest Mom and Dad
So, the contract is signed and we are under the pump!
Jane and I made this "little" pincushion for Letitia's birthday - I loved it and did not really want to part with it. Letitia loved it too ...........

I ordered some beautiful wool from Mary Flanagan for the new project - gorgeous.... I would love to buy the whole range...........

Jane and I headed off to a "fabricabrac" on Saturday - and I did very well indeed. Normally, I do not really find much for what I do and like - but, I was in my element!

Gareth and Button will be home this weekend , and Gareth informed me that he wants to plant a vegetable garden. Little does he know that I can only grow plants that live without care...................

This was beautiful - a succulent flower - and then it rained and it looked like this.

You know what makes me sad??? The fact that I am getting old and you are not here to see it - my hands are old and my hair is going grey.....................

So this is what my life looks like now - work, work, work...............

A reviewer is STILL talking about Button's play that she put on last year - she is wanting to put on another play this year. She has landed another ad this week which is good because filming for the  Chanel 7 show is now finished.

Another author of crazy quilting books sent me this photo of my book at a quilt show in New York. She is teaching there at the moment.

How stunning is my favourite beach?

I am missing you a lot at the moment.

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