Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A visit to Canberra

Dearest Mom and Dad
So, you are both better - YAY!! And the fires seem to be under control YAY!
Life is good.
I headed off to Canberra, armed the quilt I finished for the baby.

Had some sewing to keep me busy at the airport and on the plane.

This is Gareth at the licensing department getting everything sorted for their new car. Can you believe how organised the whole setup is AND there were empty spots at the counter! Ah, Australia!


Pampered pooch!

Mom, hold on to your hat! This is the market Gareth and Chloe go to once a week.

I mean, really?

All local farmers....................

Bread makers..................

Are you jealous yet?

Quite something - the quality of the food

Anyone for apples or pears?


The happy couple and their new car.
More photos to follow.
All my love

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A few weeks ago......

Dearest Mom and Dad
It was such a relief to hear your voice yesterday, Mom. You sounded almost back to normal. What an horrendous week it has been.

Button was home for a few days.

We had a delicious meal at the Ocean Street food market. It does not look good in the photo but, $##% it was good.

At the market - not another photo, Mom!

THE baby bump !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went on a hike with the hiking group ................

It was a very flat easy one.............

But very pretty

Very pretty

Lots to see

Interesting plants here in Oz

Some fungi

Tress and stuff

Came home to these two.

And walked to the shops.

All my love

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Trees, quilt show and a garden

Dearest Mom and Dad
After the traffic drama that caused me to miss my flight, I had the opportunity to stay a while in Sydney. I went for a walk in Centennial Park - the Central Park of Sydney.

Its very beautiful - with the most gorgeous old trees.

Man made lakes, lots of people walking, running, cycling and even horse riding. Its hard to believe that you are in the middle of a huge city.

I was asked my the Maleny Quota quilt show to display some of my work.

It was a fun few days. (I know you have seen the rest of the photos on my Sewsocrazy facebook page).

It is held at the Maleny High School - a very nice venue.

Along my riding/running/walking routes I get to see some pretty scenes. Lots of trees. If I could paint, I would paint trees.

The area behind our house.

Behind our house.

On the way to Kawana.

I went to spend a bit of time with Lee the other day.............

and I got to spend some time in her magnificent garden.

I missed the roses doing their thing.............

but, gosh, it was still so beautiful.

I mean really?? I kill succulents!!!!!!

I took so many photos..............

You would love Lee's garden.

Diversity of plants and sooooooo many bees.

Lee's new kitchen, to die for.

Dinner last night, asparagus, roast mushroom and haloumi cheese with curry vinaigrette.

Two books I read the past week.
all my love

Sunday, April 23, 2017

A few photos .............

Dearest Mom and Dad
Some of these photos go back a bit.................
On the news during the cyclone!

Having a party!

I went on a hike a while back with my hiking group....

Lots of water about after the cyclone.

Beautiful views.

I made a quilt for Gus from my scraps.

Then I need to get quilting - this will be a little quilt for the baby. I made it years ago............ another unfinished symphony!

Little TjuTju!

A good read - sombre and very sad !

I am now making fabric twine from my scraps - very therapeutic - who knows what I will do with it!

Enough nonsense from me.
Missing you!
all my love