Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Dearest Mom and Dad
It feels so good to write this post knowing that you are definitely on the mend, Mom. What a nightmare it has been.

My trip to Charleville began with brekkie at the airport.

No automated baggage collection in Charleville - juts a trailer with our luggage.


Kangaroos enjoying some reprieve under the sprinkler.

Country Australia.

My first stop was at the little museum.


CLEAN streets - no litter anywhere.

No people or cars either - on a Sunday.

I took a walk.

Along the way.


But beautiful.

The town centre.

House to rent.

The local bakery gives you free bun with any purchase - so sweet.

The venue where I taught was great and the people were wonderful: warm, friendly, funny and welcoming.

While I was in Charleville, Button had a problem with a spider!!!!!

I had a lovely time.
All my love

Friday, September 22, 2017

A little bit of this and that

Dearest Mom and Dad

Celebrating Finn with the garage girls.


Getting bigger

Photos taken by a profession when he was just a week old.

Have just read this - such a good read.

Practicing with my "BIG" camera

Little gift from a friend

The most amazing embroiderer from Canberra sent me some photos of crazy hexagons that she did inspired by my first book. I got to meet her when I was in Canberra - she does the most incredible work.
How nice of her to send me some photos.

All my love

A hike in Coolum

Dearest Mom and Dad
I went on a very picturesque walk in Coolum - we got to see whales breeching - spectacular!

Intrepid hikers...........

Brekkie afterwards.
All my love Jenny


Dearest Mom and Dad
A few photos of Finn to take your mind off things.

Sleeping Finn

Finn's little had - photo taken by Katrina.

Naked Finn

Wrapped Finn

Puzzled Finn

Surprised Finn

Bathed Finn

First bush walk Finn

Car seat Finn

Cool Finn

Gareth and Finn

Fat cheeked Finn

Rocking Finn

Gareth often cooks with a water bath thingy

It took 24 hours to make this Osso Bucco with polenta

Evidently lots of restaurants use this method.
All my love