Norfolk Isalnd

Dearest Mom and Dad
My pictures from Norfolk Island - I was there for a week and taught for four days. So, I did have time to explore.
The airport..........................

They have their own language on Norfolk.

A gift for waiting for me in my room.

I went straight down to the beach and had a swim at Emily Bay - named after a woman that Captain Cook was having an affair with.

It's very beautiful.

This is the only beach that you can swim in - it has a reef that protects it from the large sharks and dangerous rips.

My first meal on the Island - I basically ate broccoli, green beans, cabbage and avos the whole week. No fresh produce, except for potatoes and onions, are imported onto the island. So, everything you eat is seasonal.

The bustling Sunday morning market!!!

Took myself to lunch on Sunday - spectacular views.

The great Norfolk pine which captain Cook got very excited about. He thought it would be great for ships masts (there are millions on the island) - however it was not!

Anset Bay - glorious but evidently treacherous - very bad rips that pull you out to the "waiting great whites"

The prison quarters.

This is the beach where Captain Cook landed.

I mean, really?

It was a bit surreal walking along the tracks in Norfolk - there is absolutely nothing dangerous - no snakes, swooping magpies, spiders, people - very odd feeling.

The start of a great Norfolk pine.

The cemetery - a fascinating place

People with interesting families buried here - I took so many photos of headstones......

 A little roadside shop

No one manning it.

Cows have right of way.

And the most fascinating folk museum - I just wish that I had more time with the very interesting owner.

Hows this for a toilet seat?

all my love


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