All quiet...................

Dearest Mom and Dad
As you know my life is just work work work at the moment................
Poor Vaughn has to sit in front of the computer when he gets home over the weekend - when he should really be doing nothing - we do still make sure we get to the beach.

I made this delicious vegetable soup the other night the ingredients included chilli
pesto - which added a little bite.

The "girls" came over for dinner.................

Lee had recently come back from a fantastic holiday in the UK - she went with a gardening group, visiting famous gardens and homes - she loved it.

Lee was on dessert duty - she made a gorgeous Eaton's Mess!

I said to Debs maybe you should bring a "small" fruit platter - yeah right!

I found this photo of Gareth and Chloe at the prize giving dinner.

Anyway, back to the grindstone for me.


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