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Dearest Mom and Dad

As you know, I love working with men's suiting (all bought from opshops) on this projects I have kept the pocket intact.

Chloe sends me the best photos - Gareth and Gus enjoying the river.

Gus's face when Chloe leaves for work.

Bonbon doing her thing.

Vaughn's upgrade to the garden (front door)

This the where that huge flower bed was - it was so untidy etc - its now GONE!

Bonbon with something in her mouth.

I told you about the breast cancer fundraiser I went to in Yandina - I told you know one was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The "stage"

The ladies toilet!

What with Vaughn's building etc, we have eat surrounded by tools etc.

I have read so many good books recently.

I am sooooooo enjoying my bike - I have reached rides of 30KM. There are so many bike "paths" in our area.

Vaughn and Bonbon cooling off. Doesn't Vaughn look good?

Christmas dinner with the "garage girls"

Another "great" book - get this one, Mom.

Button arrives tomorrow!! Oh happy days!
All my love


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