Back to reality

Dearest Mom and Dad
Even though I was not the one on holiday in South Africa, I am feeling the post holiday blues.

Vaughn came home relaxed and happy after babysitting Gus.

The walk behind our house is looking so pretty.

The tomato bush that I grew from discarded tomatoes is HUGE - and the first yield was over 2kg!!

So, I decided to make some passata............


We had your painting framed. It looks soooo good. Jane and Vaughn believe that one is not enough. So, get going, Mom.

Captured this image in Maleny during a break between classes.

Gareth has a degree. Woooohooooo!

Charlotte has eventually settled down with Bonbon.

Vaughn redid the gardens at the front door.

And cleared the massive bed in front of the house. Looks really good.

This little lady was given to me by Wendy Lange when we left South Africa. It has been hanging at our front door ever since we moved in. She is looking good for nearly 15 years in the sun.

The giraffe Gareth and Chloe bought for me in SA.

I bought a stash of vintage fabrics the other day. I love the limy Sanderson linen one.

And the very, very sweet little sewing basket.

All my love
Jenny C


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