Dearest Mom and Dad
As you can see, George clearly wanted me to pack him too!! He did not want to move off my bag - do you think he knew I was leaving him???

These photos from Sydney are all out of sequence as this lot were taken from my Ipad.
These delicious Florentines are made at a chocolate shop just a few metres from Button's house - damn !! way too convenient!

I planned to go to the Sydney Craft Show on Sydney - Button and Leah decided to join me "for a while" - they stayed the whole day - absolutely fascinated by every thing!.
"Can do Books", where my book was on display - saw this photo I took on my Instagram and asked permission to use it - they said it was such a "cute" photo.
It was lovely to chat to an Australian company selling my book and was soooooo pleased to hear how many "boxes" of my books they have sold!!

Button was quite devastated by all the "machine made quilts" - her reaction was quite something!! But it is very sad to see how few quilts are hand quilted today!!

I love to shop for Button in Sydney - the op shops and vintage stores are to die for - amongst other things I found this cutest little jumper!!

As you know, Button was in a Indie play in Balmain - oh my gosh, it was quite delightful - a first play written by a new playwright about sisters. I did see some reviewers in the audience - so lets hope they enjoyed it as much as we all did.

The venue was gorgeous too - in one of the oldest hotels in Balmian. This is the "stage" !!

Too warm to light a fire on the night!!

More photos to follow!!


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