Dropped out..............

Dearest Mom and Dad
It's Saturday so that means - rugby - Stingrays and then the Big One - All Blacks v the Bokke!!!!
The Rays are not doing well at all - but I did hear a "bring it on" from Gareth when he read that he will be playing against Beau Robinson today - Gareth just LURVES playing the against the BIG boys!!
Well, Beau is not big but he plays for a big team!!

I happened to ask Jane if she had seen the new Sue Daly BOM - silly question - ever since then I have not seen her!!!!

She is way too busy fussy cutting her fabrics to create a design within a design - if you know what I mean??

When I do get to see her, after a while I can see her eyes glaze over, obviously thinking about her next bit of fabric to cut up - I mean I can't be that boring!!!!

On Thursday nights when we meet at Buderim - she makes no eyes contact with any one - head down - focusing on these %$%$% pieces of paper - figuring out where she is going to put what!!

Look, I know that this quilt is going to be spectacular........

........but I could I please have my friend back??

On a more serious note, I hope you are feeling better and that the weather has improved.




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