Crazy quilting ...............

Dearest Mom and Dad
As predicted, I had an entertaining day at work and the Stringrays lost to Easts.
The Saturday crazy girls - Lynley, Sandra, Sharon, Jacoba and Debbie. Sue was not able to make the class.
Sharon and her very exuberant work. Sharon, Sandra and Lynley are friends - so they stitich together - it is wonderful to see how they have developed their own style of crazy. The stitches are the same (feather, chevron etc) as traditional crazy - but they have their own "take" on it, which as their teacher, I find quite wonderful.

Lynley travels from the Gold Coast to come to the class. Each one of her squares has the same background colours - black and white - but she has chosen different emboridery threads etc for each block. Here is her gold block......

Feather stitich, chain stitch, gathered ribbon etc........

Cretan, feather, dragon fly, spider and web - so very creative..............

Trims, beads, ribbon and lace............. I can't wait to see this project all put together. I will keep you posted.

I taught the girls how to crochet those little flowers (that Letitia taught me!!!!) and Sandra had her little rug complete the next time I saw her!!!!!!!!!

Actually, Sandra reminds me of me - which I don't know if thats a good thing for her!!!! She gets a bee in her bonnet and, boy she just gets stuck in!!!! And works until it's done..........
Have a look here - we made Suffolk puffs one Saturday - the next month she arrived with this "Puffed" bag - awesome!!!!!!!!

We also have the same taste - thanks for the Champers, Sandra !!!!!!!!!!!




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