OH MY HAT!!!! .......The Freedom cafe.............

Dearest family and friends,
After leaving Teddy Tech, Jessica and Lauren insisted we cross the street and have lunch at "The Freedom cafe "-The http://www.the-concierge.co.za/ - and I am soooooooooo glad she did.

Just in case you are wondering, this photo was taken BEFORE the two bottles of wine we consumed!!

The Cafe is made up of a shipping container that is cut in half, so to speak. This the back side of one half, showing an office.

Unfortunately, I am not a photogapher, but you can see how they have made up this cool eating place.
I have no idea what my Mom is doing!!!!

The photo below is taken from inside the container.

The reception area.............

Chef Tim and a member of his kitchen staff - apologies for not getting his name. The kitchen is delightful - sort of an outside room - from our tables under the trees - we could see them preparing and cooking our meals.

Not only was the decor, ideas and venue very interesting - so is the staff!!!!!!!!! Sonele ( I hope I have spelled it correctly) was intertaining and his advise on the wine was spot on..........

The decor was simple - but so South African - awesome........

Cool place, cool people - Thanks Jabu for showing us around the boutique hotel which makes up part of the cafe.

The bill was bought to us in a little tin box with this message on the inside lid.

We went to the Freedom Cafe for the food and we were not disappointed. Beautifully presented and clearly made form the freshest of ingredients. Sweet corn fritters, avo, bacon and toms.

Fresh asparagus, lentils and rocket.

It was not only the service, food and decor that impressed me. It was the sense of pride and exuberance the staff displayed for the place in which they worked, that made a lasting impression on me.


If you are not fortunate enough to visit this cafe in the flesh - pop onto their website and view their photographs - WAY better than mine!!!


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