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Dear family and friends
As most of you know, my father is a councillor for the ward of Uvongo on the South Coast of South Africa. The Democratic Alliance (main opposition to the ANC -for the people in Aus) had an office in Uvongo for many years but they no longer operate from it.
His home and mobile phone, along with my Mom as his receptionist and secretary, is his office. His telephone - mobile and landline - ring from early in the morning till late at night. He is approached while on his beach walks or while filling his car with petrol.

It is interesting to note that the issues he has to deal with are very diverse - from White South Africans trying to deal with the old South Africa crumbling before their eyes to Black South Africans living in abject poverty whom the very Government they voted for chose to ignore.
He treats them both with compassion and dignity.
He runs from meeting to meeting - Mom making sure that he is well fed and watered!!

But it is his dealing with an informal settlement in his ward that I am most proud of.

Every Tuesday afternoon - from 4.30pm to about 6pm - he sets up an office in a childcare centre that he had build.

It is here that so many residents of this community wait to see him after a very long day of hard work.

He signs prove of residency for the labourers in order for them to receive their salary into bank accounts etc.
(Another home in the making)
As he pointed out - these citizens of this country have the most cheerful disposition despite the conditions in which they work and live.

He is all to aware that these very people that he extends his helping hand to will not vote for him in the next elelction. This is not the reason for helping.

It is a sad indictment of this country that it is on the energy of one lone ( 78 year old) White man that so many who live at Masinenge rely on him - to help with jobs, funerals, opening bank accounts, etc.

Viva, Counsellor Snashall, Viva!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I think its a GREAT indication of our country that there are people out there, despite race/age/class, that go out and meet the needs of those less fortunate - and there are many like him out there :) A true South African tale!

    Well done Grandest, you are truly a proud example. And well done Nannest, for being the world's best secretary!

  2. Dear Jen,
    its lovely to see the pride and love that you have for your family,they are certainly very caring and compassionate people. Great photo of you dancing! looks like you all had a great time.



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