Hmmmmmmmm jetlag!!!

Dearest Mom and Dad
I didn't think that I would battle with jetlag as much as I have...........but I think by tonight I would have settled. I don't think that it is so much jetlag as thoughts just going round and round in my head - sleep at night is impossible. Anyway.....

At Johannesburg airport I came across this............huge statue of Nelson Mandela - made out of seed beads!!!!!!!

It was HUGE - well over 6foot. Look at the detail in his face - quite incredible - I mean seed beads are tiny!!!

The statue was amazing but not as beautiful as this seed beaded upholstered chair we saw in Umhlanga.........

Coming home it's always soooooooo good to see the family. Nat loved her gifts - especially her name we had made for her!! And yes, Gareth is wearing a panda on his head!!! Vaughn comes home tomorrow - this is longest that we have been apart since we married!!!!!

Everything survived the trip in my bag - including the pipe stand that I bought at the antique shop - it works so well as a scissor keeper in my sewing room..............

I have had lovely long chats with Button on the phone - soooooooooooooooooo good to hear her voice!!!!
PS Its raining AGAIN!!!!


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