Jane's trunkshow................

Dearest Mom
Well, it now feels as though it was ages ago that I was in South Africa with you and Dad........but moving on.....................

It was Jane's turn to do her trunk show at the Buderim group. I think she was a bit nervous - she had no need to be - her work impressed everybody. In fact, I was a tad worried about one of the ladies - she loved her embroidery so much I thought she was going to have a heart attack!!!

So lets start - this is Jane's first quilt - most people start with a sampler.

This quilt has faded a lot - but I always think that when a quilt is faded and worn - it means that it has been used and loved.............. the way they are meant to be.

A "swag" type quilt - Jane hand quilted this one - using the baptist fan design.

Look at the work in this quilt - all those pinwheels!!!!!!! Lovely civil war reproduction fabrics - delicious............

Close up of the butterflies. This is a Lynnette Anderson design.

Oh my hat - the fabrics in this quilt are gorgeous. I tried to take a photograph of it in so many ways - but none did it justice. This is just the top of the quilt - needs to be quilted now...........

The quilt below Jane did at the Patchwork Angel - sort of like a block of the month - but not. Jane made hers bigger and used civil war repros again - and her addiction to civil war repros begins!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane put this Dresden plate quilt together in just TWO weeks. Quilt it now, Jane!!!!

Ok, so now Jane began her tessellation quilt - Bridgette Giblin design - still a work in progress -some pieces are just tacked on.

Very striking...........

Jane is a bit of a bag lady - she went through a stage of making bags - lots of them - you know what those OCD people are like ?????

Jane and I both made a bag like this - I was a bit annoyed because hers is way nicer that mine - not happy Jan(e)!!!

What was so lovely about Jane's trunk show is that she did not only have quilting. Jane's first love (sorry Wayne) is embroidery!!!

She made one of these bags for my 50th - it made me cry.....................

Her work is just exquisite and her colours ........ stunning!

The work in this one - hours and hours......

.........close up........

Some of her work was framed which made it difficult for me to photograph - but this one has beads and crystals to add a bit of sparkle.

Jane and I are doing the half inch hexagon quilt together - can you believe that this is how much I got covered for her during my trip to South Africa?? (Just in case you are wondering - Jane wrote that little note, not me)

It was a very, very special trunk show by a very special friend.
Jane has the sweetest sewing room - I think I will bully her into letting me photograph it for you.


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