Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Durbs by the Sea....................

Dear Friends in Australia

The main reason for going to Durban, which is approximately a 90 minute drive from my parents home in Uvongo, was to see Vaughn's family. Merryl (his baby sister) cooked us a delish dinner.
All the children that live in South Africa were there. Thanks family - Kyle, Devon (looking very chilled) Daniel, Christopher. Pearl (Vaughn's Mom) is on the left, Merryl, Arenea and Lesley. Wish Vaughn could have been there too!!!!!!

Durban, which is in Kwa Zulu Natal, began it's life as a port. It is traditionally very English - often referred to as the "Last British Outpost". Durban is well known for it's beautiful woman!!!!

We spent a few hours at the Essenwood Markets - one of my sister, Carol's favourite markets - on the Berea. The Berea is a suburb of Durban. My father was born here.

Boerie rolls - as South African as you can get...........

Kwa Zulu Natal has the largest population on Indians outside of India. Indian curry differs to Cape Malay curry. Indian curry being the hottest. Chicken Breyani - from Essenwood market - to die for!!!!!!!!!!

Natal avo sandwich - Essenwood market - Natal avos are bigger, much bigger than other avos. They have a very different taste too - kind of buttery.

Mom at Essenwood - hmmmmmmmmm - I wonder if Jane needs ANOTHER bag?????

Kwa Zulu Natal is the Kingdom of the Zulus - in fact it is the only province of South Africa that is a kingdom.....

My Dad, Gareth and Button attended school on the Berea. My Dad and Gareth both attended St Henry's http://www.sthenrys.co.za/ . Gareth then moved onto Durban High School http://www.durbanhighschool.co.za/ .
Button was fortunate enough to attend Durban Girls College - a beautiful old school - http://www.dgc.co.za/ .

The old Berea homes - stately and beautiful......................

This building you could mistaken for being in Queensland - very similar, aren't they?

I did not get to the Durban beach front unfortunately - no time!!!

PS Thanks Dad for some of the info!!!!!

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