Mom, look what I did!!!!!

Dearest Mom
Move over parsley - I grew this!!!!! My only question is - why did the plant only produce ONE tomato????

Debs arrived at crazy with this lovely bunch of sunflowers and a box of chocolate (no photo of chocolate because ...............well, I ate them) - to cheer me up, you know the empty nest thing???

I had 5 hours to kill today, Gareth's car was being collected - we are sending it to Canberra so he does not have to drive it there - so basically I had to stay at home and I made this little bag from a kit I bought - it looked a bit lonely in the photo so I added the little Zulu doll you and Dad bought for me.

I also made this tote from laminated fabric - then I had left over fabric so I made yet ANOTHER boxed bag!!!!

I have finished the "quilt that you do not like" !!!

It's very hot here and my house is empty!!!



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