Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back to being Darby and Joan.............

Dearest Mom and Dad
Well, Gareth left yesterday so the house is all quiet and empty again. It was so lovely having them home - the weather was good that meant a picnic at the Spit and a swim in the sea.............

.......... for fresh prawns - I forgot to pack the wasabi-mayo. Carol taught me to eat wasabi with cold prawns - delish!

I know the fish and chips are not very healthy - but s##t they taste good!!!!! Deep fried pineapple rings............

Darby had to catch this little beauty for me as it was a little too close for comfort - as I said on Sew so Crazy I need to dust the patio - look at all the dust he collected!!!!!!!!

I need to finish this bag for work - I was given the pattern and the drawings of the animals - I chose the fabrics - hmmmmm - I think I could have been a bit more creative, maybe it will look a bit better when its completed.



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