A bus trip to Brisbane .............part 1

Dearest Mom
I did something the other day which - well, which I don't normally like to do..............I went on a BUS trip for the WHOLE day with a BUNCH of women. All I can say, is thank goodness for Cathy........in fact I had a lovely day.
Our second stop - the first being at a park to go to the loo (which was so filthy we couldn't use it - very unlike Brisbane) - was Reverse Garbage .

All sorts of stuff...............

I did buy this cute little top for Button - there were some interesting things made from garbage - reminded me a lot of South Africa ...............

The label on this jumper reads "Salvaged top with vintage buttons and kimono silk" - if the buttons are vintage then I am Marilyn Monroe - but still Button will love it.

I bought 40 pieces of upholstery fabric for someone who I know will get a lot of use from them.

The main reason for the bus trip was to see this exhibition....................

To be perfectly honest, I did find it a tad boring - after the first 10 nudes - well..............

Once you had walked through the exhibition you were invited into the "Drawing room" - paper and pencil were provided and you were encouraged - with the help of a violin player, vases and fruit and nudes (not live) - to try your hand at sketching.

This is my attempt - hmmm I think I will stick to my day job.

"To copy the objects in a still life is nothing; one must render the emotion they awaken." Henri Matisse 1908

Well, I have no idea what emotion a pineapple is suppose to awaken in me?????



PS. The exhibtions that I enjoyed the most were the Aboringal ones - we don't get to see much (if any) which is such a pity. I found their art work fascintating.


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