Monday, September 5, 2011

A little bit of nonsence...............

Dearest Mom
I have gone back to Caloundra Quilters - the group that I joined 2 weeks after I immigrated to Australia nearly TEN years ago - can you believe it's nearly 10 years???? It is a big group - with approximately 50 members meeting on a Friday morning. It's good to be back - all so friendly. Debbie will be joining me........................
Margret, Sandra and Debbie...........

Remember your comment "You are a sucker for punishment" when I told you about the 1/2" hexagon quilt I was making?????

Well, I wonder what you will say about Margret making these ridiculously small quilty things????

We had a lovely weekend - we were childless - Gareth was away celebrating the end of the rugby season. George and Squash miss Vaughn - they get so excited when he comes home on Fridays - they never leave his side.

The darn parsley seeds - well, nothing happened - so I bought a few - Vaughn put them in baskets for me and hung them up - so Charlotte can't use them as her toilet!!

The strawberries were looking good...............

....I went out to pick them to put on my muesli - only to discover that something had eaten them!!!!!!!!

I am doing well with my clean-up - I now have a few empty shelves in my cupboards - WOOHOO!!!!



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