An Aussie Yeti and a birthday.................

Dearest Mom
This is the next thing on my agenda - I have managed to get Debs to join me!!! We are "in training" at the moment...........

Could this be the Aussie version of a Yeti - instead of long woollie hair an Aussie Yeti would wear a singlet (vest in SA), stubbies (short rugby shorts) sunnies (sunglasses) and tatts (tattoos) !!!!! .... This is just Gareth wearing all of the above in the creek behind our house.....

George loves these adventures - that's him in the water next to the bunch of branches!!!!! It was very low tide that day - when it's high tide is a good fishing spot for Gareth.

We went to the farmer's market with the tall people...................I have the feeling that they were not too happy having their photo taken!!!!!!!!!

Vaughn drafted this pattern for me - he is very patient - he never knows exactly what I am talking about - but he gets there in the end. I am going to be English paper piecing this quilt - for Button.

Gareth seems to have lost his fishing mojo - this is the only fish he has caught in a while.

It was Letitia's birthday - so off we went for another evening of laughing and eating!!

Debs made a little doll for Letitia - the photo of the doll and Letitia was not very good!!! In the doll"s bag was this little bit of knitting that Debs had done - the mind boggles!!!

The four of us - good times - as usual.............




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