Oh Mom, it's times like this..................

Dearest Mom and Dad
So off I went to Sydney as sick as a dog with the flu...................Button loved her mini/jumper that I had crippled my hands for - in fact she wore it twice over the weekend.

The Actor's Centre is in a lovely old church in the middle of Surrey Hills - one of my favourite suburbs of Sydney. Ainslie has been studying here for the last 4 months.

To end off the course the budding actors performed different scenes from the plays that they had studied. Button's role was that of a bride getting ready to go into the church to get married when she finds out that her husband -to- be had cheated on her with her best friend. Oh, the drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No photos were allowed (obviously) but I did sneak one in as they were doing their curtain call!!!!!

When it was all over we gathered on the stage with all the actors - to hug and kiss our actors!!!!

Button and her male lead. And yes, I know, that I am Button's mom - BUT, she was soooooooo good - I cried. And cried...............

We all went over the road to a pub - naturally - for a "few" drinks.................

As per usual - the tiles on the floor fascinated me - so here is the obligatory photo. Button can't quite understand my fascination - in fact, I think I drive her slightly mad!!!! I often walk into people and things looking at the floor!!!!!!!!!!

More photos to follow.




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