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Dearest Mom and Dad
We had some cold weather over the weekend - the Unit got to wear his slippers that he bought in Holland - they are HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, that I have not blogged recently BUT on Friday I decided to knit for Button - I will be seeing her TOMORROW!!!!!!! I knitted this beanie which I think needs a bigger button - but Gareth said it would look ridiculous!!!!!!! I think I might change it anyway...........

I need to knit one sleeve today and the jumper will be finished - lets hope I can get it done.....

This is the pattern I am using..............

The Sunshine Coast Stadium is now open - so we can watch the rugby in luxury.

We now have to pay to watch the boys play. But the stadium is pretty impressive.

The Stingrays played their first game at the stadium over the weekend - it was freezing and rainy - they played under lights. The field looks good, doesn't it, Dad?

Gareth delivering his post match speech - we played Brothers and lost - AGAIN. We are not doing to well this year - the team has not played one game with the same back line. Dad, Caleb Ralph will be playing for the Reds for the rest of the season. Can you believe that????????

I made 4kg of spare ribs for the team (I thought they needed cheering up) - they had a "team building session" - yeah right - on Sunday. Gareth said they were eaten in about five minutes!!!

I am full of flu at the moment - in fact I feel awful. But I need t0 get better FAST - I fly to Sydney tomorrow - WOOHOO - another weekend with Button. I am looking forward to seeing her new flat - she (well, actually, we ...) has spent up a storm at Ikea. Her "Utando" cushion looks good with the little rug I made.




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