Time with Button....................

Dearest Mom and Dad
Our house was back to normal with weekend with Button home - it feels so full and loud when Button is around!!!!!!!!! She sure knows how to fill a space.
She was taken with the "Utando" cushion. She says "Utando" back to you and Nunu. Button also found the recipe book from the Freedom Cafe very interesting - good choice!!!!!!

A bbq with friends - doesn't James look as though he is having fun. One wonders why there is a pair of scissors on the table??

Nat, Jess and Button ready to hit the town. Oh to be young again!!!!!!!!!!

Managed to sneak this photo of James - you know how much he hates photos - Button did have to hold his head up though!!!!!!

And then she was gone again - back to Sydney. They did miss their flight so we had an extra 2 hours at the airport with them - which was nice.


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