Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crazy and Charlotte.............

Dearest Mom
I never seem to be able to take decent photographs of fabrics that have a shine to them. I wonder if I need to not have the flash on.............
While looking for some beads in my sewing room I discovered quite a few of these crazy hexagons which I had forgotten about!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know how big I will make this..................

I think that I will add tiny seed beads to where I have stitched them together - just to add a bit of bling!!!!

Do you see what I mean about the shiny fabrics - need to ask someone about this....


It is such a pity that you wont be able to see the Crazy Quilt Exhibition (at the Patchwork Angel) this weekend - I would soooooooooooooooo have loved you to meet all the girls and see their beautiful work.

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