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Dearest Button and Mom

The Unit is not finding the studying as easy as he would like!!!! But, the muscles in his brain (unlike those of his body!!!) have not been stretched in years!!!!! It is getting better though.
We did have to buy him his own chair - as he has broken quite a few of my lovely old ones.........
By the way, the glasses are not for show, he really needs them.

Mom, OUR quilt - doesn't it look good?

It began its life in South Africa, then had some work done on it in Australia. It was completed in South Africa. I do like the way the quilting looks - a bigger stitch and Pearl thread. I wonder if Nunu can send a photo of the label you made.

At the airport in Joburg I came across some Ardmore ceramics - just look at this teapot - oh my hat...... It is still so extraordinary - I rue the day that I did not buy any when they first started out. The prices are now through the roof. Pop onto their website, Mom. Ardmore now produce the most magnificent fabric. One of their sofas was nominated for the most beautiful object in South Africa. On our annual holidays to the Burg we saw the beginnings of the Ardmore phenomenon -this small little industry grew from just a few Zulu ladies working in stables - always so friendly and willing to share their artwork with us. Gareth and Button were indeed privileged to see these artists at work.

I am in the process off completing some crazy work - we have an exhibition at the Patchwork Angel on the 18th and 19th March. Can you fly over to Oz for that weekend??????????????

It is raining at the moment - which is good - like Uvongo, we have had the most horrendously hot days.

http://www.ardmoreceramics.co.za/ - Mom, click on this address to see all the Ardmore products.


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