Rugby, a cook off without Button, and beginners embroidery........

Dearest Mom and Button, Can you believe that we are into another season of rugby? It just seems like the other day that the Stingrays made it to the finals. I certainly hope they can find a shirt bigger than this for Gareth - looks a bit tight under the arms I think!!! You know how much I enjoy watching rugby - the problem I have is what quilt to do during this season. I normally can get one quilt top done during a season - many hours spent in the car to Brisbane and Gold Coast.

I always English paper pieced them - it's easier and very accurate. This kite quilt I started years ago but finished it two seasons back.

The elongated hexagon quilt - Button's favorite was done the year before Gareth went to the UK.
And of course, the half inch hexie quilt that I started last year with Jane. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I have no idea what to do this year.

With Button not at home - my "bake-off" was a tad boring - banana bread, cupcakes and carrot cakes. You can be sure that if Button was here the baked goods would be way more glamorous!!!!!!!

I am teaching a beginners embroidery class soon - here is the sample - decided to stitch on black this time. It sure looks a bit boring compared to all the other crazy - I had to seriously reign myself in while stitching this!!!!!!!!!!!




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