Gem squash, Mrs Balls and binding.............

Dearest Mom and Button and Nunu,

Can you believe that Vaughn last had a gem squash 9 years ago - I can now buy them at the veggie shop across the road from the Patchwork Angel!!!!!!!! I know the dinner does not look good - but it is Vaughn and Gareth's absolute favourite. The ingredients include the famous Mrs Balls chutney - also available from the same veggie shop!!!!!

I made this quilt top about 2 years ago - Fiona quilted it for me - I sewed the binding on last night. I am teaching this as a class in the next few weeks. Oh, by the way, pop onto Marg's blog, she has a lovely post on the class she did with me this week.

I frustrated myself so badly on Monday - you know with me being so disorganised, losing things, etc, etc, etc, (being me really) - that I promised myself that I would change. One thing that I said that I would not do is start ANOTHER quilt until I have finished at least ONE that I have sitting in my sewing room. SO what did I do yesterday??? I started another quilt, well, I had to really..............I was going to the hairdresser (one of my pet hates - sitting still for 2 hours) so I HAD to have something to sew. AND I did have these little triangles all nicely cut (left over from the above mentioned quilt). AND I did have some of these precut papers that belong to Jane - don't worry Jane, I will replace them!!! - so..........................

Dad, the little guinea fowl you bought me in SA - sit at my front door............. Jane, Debs, Donna and Letitia loved theirs too.

Button is coming home for Easter!~!!!~!!!!




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