Monday, October 27, 2014

Yes, we are still alive

Dearest Mom and Dad
Vaughn and I don't seem to leave the house - but we are making good progress and I think we will make the deadline for the first draft, which is due at the end of November.
Charlotte seems to be taking it all in her stride.

I do manage to cook - well, sometimes. This is a salmon and pasta dish - was really good.

Shame, poor Vaughn, he is busy, busy, busy - drafting my patterns....

....... thank goodness he can decipher what is in my head.

My veggie patch is looking good. I have no idea why I found this so moving - just a pea twirling around the stake.................

I have been feeling very guilty because I have been putting off the neighbours girls from visiting. So I decided to invite them for cupcakes and tea. I sent them a letter - they were soooo excited - they got all dressed up and arrived bearing little gifts for me.

And then Vaughn still has to do a spot of veggie garden maintenance - building a trellis for the climbing plants.

Tough days for him - because as you know, he does ALL the computer work and draws the illustrations for the book.

All my love

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