Farmer Gareth has left the building

.Dearest Mom and Dad
Gareth and Vaughn got busy planting my veggie patch along the side of the house. You might think that its a strange place to have a veggie garden - but its perfect, away from the bush turkeys and it gets sun most of the day.

The two of them.

I mean, seriously, did they have to draw a map???

A picnic at Mooloolaba.

We enjoyed tea and baked goods.

And delicious meals.

I LOVE this photo.

Special, special man.

I made Gareth a man bag - as requested by him. I used opshop purchased suits and pulled them apart. Its perfect for his laptop for Uni.

Picnic at Mooloolaba.

I bought fabric and papers for Chloe - she wants to make a quilt.

AT the airport with his manbag.

We miss him.

Gareth and I - I was acting up and he just put up with it, as usual.

And then he was gone.



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