Vaughn's weekend in a very chilly Canberra...

Dearest Mom and Dad
Soooo good to hear that you are on the mend, Dad.

As you know, Vaughn spent the weekend in Canberra with Gareth..................and, yes, there was food. Pre match breakfast!!

It was freezing - they all went looking for snow!!

Gareth and Chloe.

All 'rugged up"

Hmmmm, me thinks the snow was too far away!!

They saw some roos.

Not much fun "warming up" in 2deg and rain.

And then to strip off and play!!

Post game dinner - at Gareth and Chloe's favourite restaurant.

Chloe looks keen.

All smiles now that they are out of the rain.

In Gareth's words "Dad and I had a great weekend".



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