A few days in Canberra..........

Dearest Mom and Dad
Oh my, it was so lovely to head off to Canberra to spend time with Gareth, Button and Chloe. We have found a wonderful house sitter to look after George and Squash -which is good because now we can visit Gareth and Button more often. On arrival in crisp Canberra we headed off to eat - of course. I had a salmon burger - first time for me - it was delish.

As you know, it was ladies day - Gareth's team wore pink.

It was a bit chilly - these are some of the locals feeling the cold.

Button and I.........

All of us after the game - strict instructions from Gareth to have the photo taken!

Gorgeous Gareth's sponsors.

Gorgeous, gorgeous (if slightly woolly) Gareth.

My fortune cookie contained these words!!

Chloe using her bag we made over Christmas.

Chloe's Mom and Dad got dressed up for a costume party!

On a cold and rainy night we headed off to Canberra stadium to watch the sharks play the Brumbies.

Cold but cheerful - Gareth and James

Gareth came prepared.

Gareth's perfect Mother's Day gift!

Much to Button's excited we headed off to Bunnings (a hardware and garden store) to buy a few things for Gareth's vegie patch.

First things first - pulling out years of weeds.

Oh my, the anal ones measured out where to plant the seedling!!

Button bought a garden gnome.

But obviously thought the whole thing was a tad boring and watched from a distance!

But then could not help herself!

As usual, we were all sad to say good bye - BUT I am so thankful that we could spend the short time together.
Wish you were there!!


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