I love Sydney!!

Dearest Mom and Dad
As you know I am helping Button move into her new home - a gorgeous loft room in Paddington.
It has not been an easy move - between Button's assignments and presentations for Uni and working at a new job .....

But, I do get to walk around Surrey Hills and Paddington and see the sights! When I win the lotto and have $2 million or so to spare I am moving here! I would live here in a flash!

The woman who owns this tiny coffee place right on a street in Surrey Hills used to work in a bank when she immigrated here. Trust me, it's tiny - not much bigger than a cupboard! She sourced the best food from a patisserie who delivers to her 3 times a day. The food is to die for. And she does a roaring trade!!!!!
Back to work for me!!!!


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