I've been doing stuff.............

Dearest Mom
I have started a new crochet thingy................ The colours in the photo are way brighter than they are in the flesh.  Look to be honest it s going to be a very stiff little rug - but as Vaughn said - We won't have to use it - it does look good on the back of the couch!!!

 My crazy classes are now more a friendship thing than a class - we all know each other so well now.  In fact I sometimes forget that I am there to teach and not to catch up on the goss and eat cake!!!!!!They give each other gifts - which is nice because I get one too!! Cheryl gave us each a little sewing box. 

 Dad, this one is for you. A good handoff by Gareth - Brumbies academy against NSW. His team is unbeaten so far.

 He went to Melbourne to play against the Rebels academy this weekend.

Sue made these Lemonade scones on Tuesday for crazy - delicious!!!

 I went to a very interesting breakfast on Saturday morning - Judy Nunn - author and actress. She was such a wonderful speaker - funny and fascinating!!!

Sorry, but I coundn't get this right side up!!!!
 This was the view from where the breakfast was held.

I went with Kerry from Dragon Boating.  Lovely lady - she needs to write a book- what an incredible life she has had.



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