Monday, June 25, 2012

I am impressed, Mom..................

Dearest Mom and Dad
Mom, I am so impressed with your computer skills - I am loving all the photos - keep them coming!
Vaughn has been my lifesaver - he has worked out how to load all the photos for the book.  This weekend he spent all day Saturday and Sunday at the computer doing it for me. I am well ahead of schedule but am still stressing. So my sewing table looks like this...............

 ..................and the rest of the house is gathering dust, literally!!

 Here is gorgeous Gareth in his "onesie" - yes I did find one to fit him.  But what a small world - the clever lady who makes them lives in Brisbane and is one of Jenny Bosch's best friends!!!!! ( It is -2 in Canberra so the onesie keeps him warm. Jane thought that an animal print would have been perfet for him but I settled for the "safe" black one. I have sent Button a few as well - will try and get a photo of her in her spotted one.

 My tomato crop has been a bit neglegted - this one wasn't too pretty but tasted good.

 Mom, this is my collecteion of Zulu bracelets - these are the colours I like.

 I found these at my door yesterday with a note that read "From a friend".......... I think I know who sent them!! I am very fortunate to have amazing friends........................

I think Jane will be very releaved when the book is done - she pops over most days - and I talk "ad nauseam" about it!!!!

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