Thursday, May 24, 2012

Up and running again..............

                                                           Dearest Mom and Dad
After a serious talking to by Button, I am feeling better and over my self pity!!!! I am a bit crazied out so I decided to do something fun.  I had these little triangles covered for a while now.  Sue "offered" to make up a little bag for me that she designed herself.  So I am making up the outside with the hexagons and triangles.  I managed to find - after a long search - some iron on vinyl which I am going to apply to the finished piece.  So my bag will be sort of laminated .........look, don't ask me why, but it's worth a try, right?

Ever loyal George never left my side during my "self pity" days.

 Lee popped in for a cuppa armed with some home grown flowers.  I miss seeing her now that I don't work ................

 After receiving this very threatening text from Letitia I hurried off to Buderim on Thursday night! Much to your horror I did go in your/my slippers!!!! I don't think anyone would have noticed had I had not pointed them out!!!!

Dad, I am still eating well. And have lost another kilo!!!!!!!

I seem to remember seeing a photo of you in your heyday, Dad, doing exactly this!!!

Another action shot of the tall person!!

Can you believe that these pictures done by Button and Gareth at pre-school and year one are still so bright and vibrant?  Button's picture of herself and Rocky are done in poster paint. Quite incredible, really.

Its rainy today - nice day to work on the book!!!!

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