Guest Blog: With love, from Cape Town

Hello Cloustons,

Nan and Grandest are visiting Jono and I in the Mother City and one of their many engagements included dinner at Angie and Meg on Tuesday night.

Disclaimer: I was going to email you these images one at a time, and then I thought it a clever idea to do a guest post! 

Another disclaimer: The pictures are average (thanks, Blackberry). But they give you a general idea.

So, in case you have forgotten what Cape Town looks like, here the view of Devil's Peak and Table Mountain from the balcony of my flat (taken with iPhone, hence it looks cooler than it actually is).

Ange and Meg live in Hartfield Village, in Cape Town's Southern Suburbs (so on the other side of the mountain to where I live). I have always loved Angie's house. It has such a warm, welcoming atmosphere - wooden floors, soft carpets, a bookcase stocked with teacups and books and a hearty kitchen that overlooks the courtyard and pool.

Megan's room (We all thought you would appreciate
 the decor. And the cat.)


On our way out, Ange picked these up and said "Don't you think Jen 
would love these?" She got them at the Hout Bay Market, which you would love.

Earlier in the day, Grandest bought a bottle of Webersburg 2007 Cabarnet Sauvignon from the Waterfront, which he was most excited about. It was delicious! Meg even had a sip (on a school night). While Ange worked in the kitchen, we all hung out in the living room and caught up. Grandad was telling us a post-war story and got so excited ("Where were YOU during the waaaaaaar?") he scared the LIFE out of the cat. You know how he bellows....It was quite funny.

Ange made a risotto bake with mushrooms, spinach and parmesan (I had three bowls) and she served it with fresh battered fish and a fresh green salad with pak choi, mange tout and avo. She told us about the first time she met Nan - at  a rugby match in Newlands, Nan commented looked over at Ange said "You have so much hair on your head but hardly any on the rest of your body." Apparently Ange was horrified. As one would be. I just had to laugh, because Nan brings up her hair at least once in every convo.

Kitchen of blue and green
Vis en slaai

I love this pic! How GLAM does Nan's hair look?
It was great to all be together again, in a beautiful home to share stories and good food and wine. If it could only happen once a month, instead of once a year. Angie and Meg send all their love. xxx


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