Monday, August 22, 2011

A little bit of this and that...........

Dearest Mom
I am very very very very excited about two happenings - Firstly, I will be seeing Bok in December - oh, my, hat!!!!! The only thing that worries me is that he is such a good cook and a tad critical - so what the b$##y hell am I going to cook for him and Georgie???????

The second happening is Dragon Boat racing - I just LOVE it!!!! It was cold, wet and windy - and I didn't know anyone - AND the technique is really difficult to learn but I still enjoyed it. I am feeling a bit sore - in the strangest places - after my first session. I cannot wait - after my training I can join a team and get all the kit - gloves, vests, shoes and stuff~~~~

I am working my way through the "Happiness Project" at the moment. It's not really about being happy - so much as living a "full" and purposeful life, I suppose. The first months tasks are :

1. get more sleep - which is a problem for me because I like to go to bed late and wake up early.

2. Exercise better - hence the dragon boat - although I have been wanting to do this for a while now.

3. Toss and organise - BIG problem for me - it was very hard to throw away the HUGE pile of unfinished crossword magazines that live at the bottom of my cupboard!!!.

4. Act more energetic - which might be a problem for the people around me - so I gave that one a miss!!!

I am doing a bit of crazy along the way............... pile of giant tumblers has grown - because they are so big I only have to do 441 - so I am half way ..........

Ever since we moved here Gareth has been trying to catch fish at the lake - well, he bought this new lure - and still had no luck - until I said to him - "why don't you just drag the lure behind you (in the water of course) as we walk - he did - success - in fact, during one walk he caught FOUR flatheads - he does release them....

........ugly little things aren't they - people do eat them - I wouldn't.................

I want one of these rugs - aren't they gorgeous????

The Rays were taught a rugby lesson by Brother's on Saturday, I cannot bring myself to tell you the score. I did like it when Gareth played for Brothers - the club has so much history and tradition - reminds me of DHS Oldboys in Durbs.

No more news..........

Missing you...................



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