It's my turn ........................

Dearest Mom

Well, it's my turn tonight to do a trunk show. Normally, this kind of thing does not bother me - but I am nervous about it. Most of my quilts are worn and old, and quite frankly, some of them smell!!!!!! You know, from being cupboards for years.
It's quite a big thing - getting quilts off walls etc. It is also an emotional experience, looking at the quilts I have made and reminiscing about the life I was living etc at the time of making them.
The heart quilt was made for me by the "Quilters by the Sea" girls who I sewed with for about 13 years - from the time Button was born to when we immigrated to Oz.

I have EVENTUALLY got this cray quilt together - OH MY HAT - I have sooooo struggled with this - I think it's the colours .................. the green is WAY too strong.....

No matter - it is a good teaching tool.................

You have kept the quilts I gave you in such pristine condition - it would have been nice to have had them to show.

It's a pity that the double wedding ring has faded - it's always been one of my favourites.

I did manage to put together enough quilts to show - pity about the smell, though!!!!!!!!



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