Dearest Mom

Look what I found the other day...... this very sweet "embroidery" Ainslie did when she was - wait for it - THREE years old. Vaughn dated it 1993..... that makes her 3. I can see her now, concentrating - she has always been a girl who set her mind to doing something and then JUST DOING IT...

Gareth and Button - so many years ago................

Button wrote this for me - I can't really remember when - exactly - but she must have been about 11 years old
The photograph is not very clear - so will type it out for you - using her spelling though!! I love the way it starts out as a poem and then morphs into a story and then into a Mother's day message - so cute.


Some moms work as lawyers,
and others work at shops.
But my mom work is harder,
'cause she fetches and drops.

Her children are her life and love,
and her husband comes in to,
And when we make a noise like so,
"AAAAACHOOOOOO" she runs in and says: "Ainslie is that you?"

Now, what happens next is quite astounding,
Off to the doctor we go.
And in sad, terrified voice she says:"Doctor is she dying?"
The doctor now quite amused says: "Oh no, not at all"

"Just take a few of these pills and she will be healthy, standing tall"
Well the next day I am terribly sick,
And in bed at rest.
Suddenly I scream :"Mom, come here quick!!!!!"

My mom rushes in as frantic as can be
She says: "Whats wrong deary?"
"Do you want some coke or water or a sweet?"
And I say in a sad voice :"Yes please and would you massage me feat?"

In a few weeks I am back to normal
Feeling happy and fine.
And I try my luck and ask "Could I have some water, coke or a sweet or maybe could you massage my feat?"
Well, I was sent to the kitchen and asked to bring a glass of coke, a sweet and some cream.

And no, the glass of coke was not for me and nether was the sweet,
And I was asked to bring the cream to massage HER feet!!!!!
I love you very much, And I'm lucky to have a mom like you
Thank you for loving me like you do!!!!!
This isn't what a tipical mother would do,
so thank you for being you!!


Phew, that tired me out just typing it ......

This is my birthday present from Ainslie this year. How will I cope when she goes to Sydney next year? Help me, help me!!!!




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