It's too darn hot!!!

Dearest Mom and Dad

It has been so hot here lately !!
I have been cooking up a storm - roasted peppers and butternut, fetta and Parmesan stuffed mushroom with balsamic glaze!!

Squash had a cut - which she hates - I don't blame her - she looks awful with no fur ....

I think she took out her anger on my quilt!!

I managed to get the top done -I will wait until its cooler to hand quilt it.

OOOOO! Now this recipe was delish - roasted butternut, ricotta bake !!!

I made this little mug bag - I upcycled a doillie

cute isn't it?? I am going to use it as a sewing caddy instead.

Working on something new........

On Saturday I packed my bags and went off to teach my cozy class at the Patchwork Angle only to discover that I was a moth early!!! OOPS

BUT, I did see this cute little felted pincushions for sale - I do NOT need another pincushion but................................. it was too sweet to leave behind!!

PS Did anyone loose a tooth on your too crisp potatoes????


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